• General meeting;
  • Presidency;
  • General Board;
  • Corporate Project & Planning Board;
  • Corporate Energy & Innovation Board;
  • Executive/Management Office;
  • Operations Management;
  • Fiscal Board / Supervisory Board;
  • Advisory Board;
  • Development Intercity Fund;


General meeting;

Superior body of CONLESTE, it’s the Collegiate Body composed of the heads of the executive from all consortium members. It shall meet at least twice a year and whenever convened extraordinarily.


It is up to the President, to represent Conleste, actively and passively, judicially or extrajudicially, being allowed to sign agreements or accords. As well as, establish proxies ad judicia and ad negotia, this competency may be partially or totally delegated to the General Director / CEO, by decision of the General Meeting.

General Board;

It is up to the General Director / CEO to manage and represent Conleste, within the statutory and regulatory limits, in accordance with the principles, purposes and goals of it in it, being responsible for the execution of all programs and activities of the Consortium.

Corporate Project & Planning Board;

It is up to the Planning & Project Director, to manage the strategic planning, supporting the General board and the Presidency on accomplishing Conleste’s projects. To ensure the institutional management directionality, the effiency and effectiveness in meeting aims and goals set. To design policies and processes, To survey and analyse figures in order to collaborate with setting up action plans to achieve Conleste’s goals.

Corporate Energy & Innovation Board;

Promoting Conleste by distinctive medias: digital, written e spoken;

Collecting, treating and publishing information of Conleste’s interest;

Follow-up the publicity of the municipal, national and international activities related to Conleste;

Development of projects which engage Conleste’s goals in the areas of marketing and intercity relations;

Drawing up, coordinating and implementing the marketing & communication plan.

Projecting Conleste’s image on International, National and Intercity Relations by distinctive medias;

Looking after searching and dissemination of information between Conleste and Public and Private Bodies, and the Society.

Developing publicity campaigns established by the Head Board;

Forwarding the projects to the Head Board for assessment;

Coorditating and Monitoring actions related to Conleste’s website over the internet and brand-new communication technologies and social medias

Coorditating the internal information system of Conleste and public contente about Conleste under the guidance of the President and the the General Director / CEO

Boosting and promoting to spread scientific, technical and technological expertise in a wide range of areas of the participating entities.  
Stimulating the technical events implementation, in accordance to the scope of Conleste’s strategic planning.

Boosting and publishing business trips and technical events across brazil and abroad, as well as trade missions in accordance to the scope of Conleste’s strategic planning.

Executive/Management Office;

It is up to Executive/Management Office to advise and assist all the Boards on its operational  and administrative representation of interest of the body, including the Presidency;

Operations Management ;

It is up to Operations management, although it is directly subordinated to the General Director/CEL, to also assist the Presidency in the course of its duties e advise them  on examining and conducting the strategic topics of its performance.

Advisory Board;

The responsability of this board is advisory, without any deliberative task.

Fiscal Board / Supervisory Board;

The Fiscal Borad is the Consortium body control composed of Advisors refered by the General Meeting of CONLESTE in number of three full members and three substitutes.