About us:

We are a public consortium composed of 16 municipalities from East Fluminense of Rio de Janeiro, with over 3,3 milion citizens which greater vocations are:

Family farming – with over 14.000 smallholders farmers

Green Tourism – covering the categories of Rural and Adventure Tourism

Natural Gas – through its over 21 MM of m³/daily which will be processed at GasLub (former COMPERJ) as of 2022.

Conleste’s main purpose is to set out join action strategies through partnerships, accomplishing attractiveness that may contribute to economic, cultural and sustainable growth of the partner regions.

Debating public policies and coming up with solutions for areas such as urban mobility, housing, health, the consortium seeks to develop projects focused on each region’s particularity and potencial.

Fostering the networking and integration among regions, Conleste has been set up to facilitate the planning, the public policies management and common problem-solving of the consortium municipalities. Furthermore, through the consortium, the dialogue capacity between City Halls and State and Federal Government has been expanded.


To become a reference of public consortium in Brazil and to provide an outstanding public service.


To add value through targeted projects and action plans in order to enhance our vocations.


Transparency as a premise of a public organ that has clearness on its process and resources management.
Celerity in agreements in order to achieve concrete outcomes as soon as possible, meeting the citizens demands.

Colaboration to work together with the municipalities enhancing the vocations, synergy and bringing down the vulnerabilities.

Celeridade nas tratativas a fim de que o resultado concreto aconteça de forma mais breve possível, atendendo as demandas dos cidadãos.